"Maths is more than you think"


Many people think that maths is nothing more than a chore that needs to be done. However, maths is something that everyone subconsciously uses in their daily lives, and there are people out there (like me) who love maths! This website will show how you might be using maths in your life along with some simple math hacks that add a pop of extra fun to the site!

How maths relates to other subjects

Mathematics is a language that can describe relationships and change in relationships in a rational way. Science generally uses mathematics as a tool to describe science. A few scientists like Galileo and Albert Einstein believe that the laws of the Universe are mathematical.

Math is the use of numbers and operations. It can be applied to physics and engineering, which deals with technology.

Technology involves physics to build tiny little microchips in computers, and to understand how a satellite will work, as well as math to be able to measure it.

All engineering degrees tend to have a lot of math content. Computer science and electrical engineering usually have a lot of abstract algebra.